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måndag 21 september 2015

"Forskar Grand Prix"

Sunil has recently finished his PhD at SCRR. He is going to participate in Forskar Grand Prix 2015, this Friday. It’s an event, where researchers present their work in 4 minutes and the best one will have the chance to go to Stockholm for the final challenge. Sunil manufactures plastic materials from renewable resources to replace materials produced from petroleum-based resources, he explains. The materials are produced from natural fibers and plastic made from soybean oil; both are renewable and abundant. The properties of these materials he manufactures are higher than several materials available today in the market. It satisfies the requirements of many automotive and construction applications. It can also biodegrade on disposal which reduces the environmental load. So he is doing something really environmentally friendly that hopefully will gate-crash.Read more about Sunil presentation here.
Last year we all supported Kamran to win the competition in Borås and he got the scond prize i whole Sweden in final. Now, it is Sunils turn. So, let’s go and support him together live! (be @ Orangeriet on Friday 25th of Sep. 2015 from17.30 to 19.00). Here you can read more about the event.

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