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onsdag 16 september 2015

Welcome to the SCRR blog!

Are you looking for a place to access updated news on what your colleagues and friends are up to or what new events are on the upcoming schedule for PhD students at SCRR? Weeeeell, BINGO! You just found it!

Via this blog we are going to share the news about PhD students of the SCRR (Swedish Centre for Resource Recovery). We are so grateful to have your comments on our posts. We are around 25 PhD students in the SCRR who work in different fields: industrial biotechnology, polymer science, combustion and energy, modelling and simulation and finally social aspects in waste management. The aim of this blog is to share our achievements and to inform about the events between us as well as all other readers at and out of the University of Borås.

A few months ago we celebrated “150 years”. In other words it was a birthday celebration of three of our colleagues, when each reached 50. We, PhD students composed a song for them based on the melody “every teardrop is a waterfall” from Coldplay. Our lyrics was this:

We have come to HB.
Full of sustainable dreams
Anita brought us to
Resource recovery
She tells us about ash
Recover energy from trash
We understand how worth
the whole waste is
But we want more
We want it all
We called Tatiana
The chemistry Dumbledore
And so it is done
For once more
Good result is on the way
It’s a Monday morning
Mohammad is there
He says just two minutes
Until the next guest he gets
You don’t need to think
You get a lot of things
Which is enough for you
For the entire week
But as it wasn’t enough
You send a manuscript
But right away the next day
It’s back in your mail
This is the normal life
At the SCRR
Good result is on the way

You can find the rehearsal film here.

Even we work hard at SCRR but we know that good results is on the way.
We are therefore proud to be a part of SCRR and with this blog we are going to share our pride and success even more in the future.

So, be a part of this and stay tuned for the latest going on for PhDs at SCRR!

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