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fredag 2 oktober 2015

Congrats! Sunil won “Forskar Grand Prix” in Borås

The prize is ours once more! We have done it for the second year in a row! After that last year’s success by Kamran, now it is Sunils turn to share the joy and make us proud of being a part of SCRR!

Here comes what Sunil wants to share with all of you out there at SCRR:

"I know that I have the support from SCRR! That was the positive thing from the start. I know that If I can complete the presentation, I have good chance of winning. So, my concentration was on completing the presentation. There was a lot of work for that 4 minutes.
I need to say thanks to Prof. Mikael Skrifvars who asked me to participate in this event; and told that I have right attitude for this competition. Then, I have to thank Kamran Rousta for motivating me to do the presentation in Swedish.
I started to look several videos from previous years, and especially that of Kamran Rousta which gave me an idea to create a world around me during the presentation. It is difficult to present any technical research in 4 minutes and especially to audience that doesn't have the same background. This realization helped to put lot of efforts in presentation skills; I wanted to make a drama in presentation. I got an idea to engage the audience before presentation by slowly coming on to stage and drop the cups; and start with the question. It created the curiosity in the audience and made them engaged. As I am not professional in Swedish language, I tried to keep my words simple and short sentences; that made everyone to understand easily. Having a component in hand did definitely helped me to impress the judges. Just after the introduction, I wanted to put out the problems; thereby telling why my research is important. Then, I tried to address the problems through my research. And end with the question, where audience cannot disagree with me.
I was happy that I completed the presentation without forgetting a word. Winning is just like icing on the cake! All of a sudden, I was interviewed by Borås Tidning and was asked to come to P4 radio station. Moreover, a personal message from Björn Brorström, Rektor! And many people want to take a picture with me, just felt like a star of the evening.
I hereby promise SCRR that I will do my best to bring the cup to Borås!
I would also like to make a suggestion for next year participation; my suggestions - Jorge or Kostas!
Thank you for supporting"

Editor's note: We are all proud of Sunil for this prize and we are sure that he can bring the final cup for SCRR.

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  1. Congratulation to you, Sunil! This is a proud moment for everyone here in the group again after last year's success by Kamran. Best wishes for your further presentation at Stockholm :-).